The Serai Chikmagalur
Chikmagalur | 3 Nights

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Price Start €585

The Serai Chikmagalur

Inspired by Coffee: Welcome to the world of coffee where lush green plantations fill miles of open land, where sprawling historical ruins hold hidden secrets, where entrancing temples beckon from dynasties of yore – welcome to Coffee Country! When it comes to making memories, nothing comes close to Chikmagalur. Enjoy a sip of delicious homegrown coffee, take a dip in your own private pool at your estate or just take a brisk walk around the plantations for an adventure like no other.Chikmagalur is home to the very first coffee plantations of India 250 kms away from Bangalore International Airport.

Total Villa /Rooms-10

Estate Villa with Jacuzzi-05

Make the most of your time under water and above the land. Stay at the estate villa that comes with a relaxing Jacuzzi to help you unwind.

Estate Villa with Pool-02

Walk into your single-floored villa, with the undulating plantations as your back garden. Large glass doors and windows allow the sunshine to slant into your subtly sophisticated living area, straight out to your private pool.

Estate Terrace-02

Elegance is felt at every inch of this two-tiered villa. Enjoy the view of majestic trees, ferns, plantations and paddy fields from your balcony.

The Residence-01

Like a red carpet, the waterside walkway leads to the Residence. It’s exclusive, expansive and enchanting at the same time. It comes with designer bedrooms, separate living and dining spaces as well as a private pool.


Gaze upon the great outdoors and satisfy your tastebuds. Our restaurant and bar is situated on a highland for you to wine and dine in style.Odyssey At The SeraiChikmagalur,Odyssey - The Traveler's Restaurant,Indulge yourself with flavors of food that burst in your mouth. We dish out a wide range of multi cuisine delicacies and food favourites that will whet your appetite.

Blue Sky Lounge

Grab a drink and save yourself a sweet spot at the coffee country’s most exquisite lounge bar. Savor each sip as you enjoy being on top of the world.

Blue Sky Lounge At The SeraiChikmagalur

Cocktails and bar at SeraiChikmagalur

AkkiRotti, a local delicacy at SeraiChikmagalur

Coffee inspired cocktail at SeraiChikmagalur

Oma Spa

In Sanskrit Oma means 'life giver'. The Spa is based on holistic and natural, back to the earth wellness and beautification.

Step into a world of pure bliss and energy with the unique spa therapies specialized by the western and eastern holistic techniques. Here you can relax on an altogether deeper dimension, as the therapists' dextrous fingers massage away the tension, cleanse the body and rejuvenate the spirit.

Our signature therapy is the coffee cure. A famed anti-oxidant which is terrific for your skin, coffee beans grinding into your back or feet, can trim you, tighten you, and send your senses a tingle. One massage or one scrub - and you’re a coffee addict for life.

Trekker's Trail/Activites

This one is especially for all adventure enthusiasts. The mountain ranges of Chikmagalur offer breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes. Explore the Western Ghat terrain on your feet. This trek is sure to leave you asking for more on your trip to The SeraiChikmagalur! Feel the wind on your face as you hike the nature’s trail over the Baba Budangiri ranges. Guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget.


03 Nights Package Season
Price Per Person EURO and USD
21st September 2017 to 20th December 2017
and 3rd January 2018 to 31st March 2018
Weekday Rate (Monday to Thursday)
Price Per Person EURO and USD
21st September 2017 to 20th December 2017
and 3rd January 2018 to 31st March 2018
Weekend Rate (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Type Of Rooms Single Double 2 Persons Single Double 2 Persons
Pool Villa $ 1450 NA $ 725 NA $ 1530 NA $ 765 NA
€ 1170 NA €585 NA € 1355 NA €615 NA
Terrace $ 1725 NA $ 865 NA $ 1835 NA $920 NA
€ 1390 NA €695 NA € 1475 NA €740 NA

Note: You can extend the package by pro rate basis.

Check In: 1300 Hours
Check Out: 1100 Hours

Price includes

  • Airport transfers by air condition car.
  • Accommodation in the chosen room.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (AP)
  • Swimming pool.
  • GST 5% (Goods and Service Tax)

Price does not include

  • Personal expenses, gratuities
  • The insurance
  • India Visa Fees